The Phoebe’s Have Landed

Every year a phoebe nests somewhere around the cabin.  One year it was in the outhouse, once behind a little shed and a couple times on top of one of the window frames.  Seeing how we didn’t like any of these nesting spots, Jim built some little shelves on another shed and the phoebe moved right in.  There have been years where they built one nest right on top of an old one.P1050776I kept trying to get a picture of Mother Phoebe sitting on the nest, but every time I came near, she flew off.  The other day I decided to try again.  Holy Cow!  The eggs hatched and the little ones were fully fledged  They flew out of the nest right after I took this picture.  There were birds flying and chirping all over the place.   It was quite a ruckus!
P1050775Phoebe’s aren’t the prettiest bird in the woods and they can almost drive ya crazy with the fee-bee song they sing over and over and over.    But they eat bugs…lots of bugs and as Martha Stewart would say, that’s a good thing!
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Ramblingon said...

I have a Blogspot blog now Cindy and about to get back to it so I can follow you.

Elaine said...

Have never seen this bird, or if I have didn't know what it was. Eating bugs is good! Know of any that will eat chipmunks? It's all out war here!Damn pests.

HollarWood said...

I am here Cindy! Now we can git down to some serious! I am also over on
Great blog here my friend. Love the owl photo!!!
Take care

Admiral Hestorb said...

Super Phoebe pics and loved reading how Jim built them a home that they moved right into. We see Phoebe's around here but not many as they are more specialized than what I have to offer.

So good to see you blogging,. I missed you.

This is Carole, Ramblingon. I forgot to log off the other blog so it thinks I am the Admiral.

bmariede said...

I knew nothing about this bird before. Very interesting.

Jodi said...

I loved the phoebes when we had them in New Mexico. Haven't seen too many around here though. Too cute. Love that first photo!