Father’s Day Visitors

These two came by last night to get their pictures taken.  I don’t know if they’re father and son or not, but I’m going to say they are.   The big guy gets kind of pushy with the little spike buck and makes him run off, but last night they were getting along and let me take their picture.  Like Father, like son...kinda.I’d be very surprised if this one makes it through another hunting season and northern winter.  We were shocked to see him this spring.  Oh and Jim did find both of his antlers from last year.  
2010 shed antlers


SawDustGal said...

They are beautiful Cindy! How great you got this photo. Let your artistic talents work on those antlers. Thanks for sharing. So cool, or neat-o er awesome!

Horst said...

Great shot Cindy, they are beautifull animals. Horst in Edmonton

Lady Penelope said...

wonderful photo of a couple of natures beautiful and graceful creatures. Fingers crossed he has a 'cape of invisibility' against any hunters in the future. Great luck finding the old discarded antlers..thanks for sharing..

Ramblingon said...

Absolutely wonderful picture of the dad and son for father's Day. I insist that they are related. :-) I hope he does make it through another year.
Don't know how I missed this on Father's Day.