From the Trail Cams

Saturday night we got back up here after being home for 5 days.  We left the trail cam up in the usual spot with a little corn down for the deer, squirrels, birds and bunnies.  We put the second cam on a tree that’s on the edge of woods and overlooks our neighbor’s hayfield.  There was no corn or anything else by this one to lure the critters within camera range.  We were really hoping to see Mama Doe with her little one(s) again and we weren’t disappointed.  Here’s a picture from the cam that had some corn.
Doe & Fawn June 19, 2010 (2)And here are the best ones.  The cam is programmed to take 7 pictures when it detects motion and it takes one picture every 3 seconds.  This is near a trail animals travel on to avoid the pond which is on the left side, out of view.  Here are the 7 pictures we got of them passing through. 
Doe & Fawn June 18.2010
Doe & Fawn June 18.2010
Doe & Fawn June 18.2010
Doe & Fawn June 18.2010
Doe & Fawn June 18.2010
Doe & Fawn June 18.2010
Doe & Fawn June 18.2010 I was so excited when I saw these and really happy we didn’t get any pictures of bears, bobcats or coyotes. 


Anonymous said...

Aw those are so sweet. Those cams sure take nice clear photos don't they!

Elaine said...

These are precious, I love the one with Mama doe nudging the little one. Hope they stay safe and out of harms' way.

SawDustGal said...

Oh they are adorable. I am glad there was no bear bothering while you were gone. The last pic is so neat! Love that trail cam!

Ramblingon said...

I love where the baby is looking up at Mom as if to ask a question or she's telling instructions to follow.

beth said...

The pictures are wonderful. Thank you.