Hissy Wisconsin Badger

bagYesterday after it stopped raining we went for a walk in the Bird Sanctuary.  Along the road we saw this hole that looked like fresh badger diggings. 
P1060148 Whenever we see something like this we tell Molly to “smell that hole”.  If it’s a fresh one, she’ll really check it out.  If it’s an old one, she’ll just walk on by.  This one got her interested and she really gave it a good sniffing.
P1060149 So I figure something must be in there and I’d better take a picture of it.  I get my camera all set, flash on and hold it down by the hole.  All of a sudden I hear this growly, hissing sound, scaring the crap out of me and here’s my blurry picture.
P1060150Yup, it snapped the picture as I was jumping out of the way.  Darned badger. 
We continue on our walk and decide to try again on our way back.   Or I should say, Jim’s going to try again.  No way was I going to get near that hissing badger.  Camera’s ready, Molly and I are on the other side of the road and Jim’s takes this picture.  Now, all you can see is dirt.  The badger kept digging into the side of the road and filled in the hole.  P1060157
We had an extra special treat last night.  Little Mama Doe came by to show off her little fawn.  So adorable seeing this tiny little deer so close.  Besides the pictures that I took through 3 panes of glass, the trail cam got some nice pictures too.  It made my day!P1060183


Sherry said...

Badgers just don't cooperate very well do they lol. I would have had to go back to change clothes if that thing hissed at me. Can't wait to see what else you find around there.

SawDustGal said...

Now that is in yer face photography..lol! I'm glad you or Molly and Jim did not git attacked by the grumpy badger. Love the deer and fawn. Now you know why you have so much laundry...hee hee after ah scare like that.

beth said...

You got some great shots. Mama and her fawn are precious.

Elaine said...

Would the badger have come out at Molly? Absolutely love the Mama and fawn, that's a picture sure to make anyone smile.

Carol T said...

Your picture of the wood lily we call prairie lily and it's our provincial flower. Love it.

Ramblingon said...

I would be like Terry, You'[d see me changing my clothes from the wait down if that thing had hissed at ME! Good on you for putting your own picture there. Gave us a good smile and it shows your sense of humor. Which I always love.

Greg said...

Good evening Cindy,

Yep…Badgers can have a hissy fit. Just like a Green Bay fan when the Packers lose.
When it gets really hot down (105 heat index) here I kind of yearn for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Well, just in the summer. Maybe I will move back up there in the future for summers and then head south for the winters. It all depends where my son ends up for college.

Thanks for sharing your slice of world. Still love my pin cushion too as I glance at it right here on my desk.


Terry said...

Darn Badger. Evidently he's not the vain type if he didn't want his picture taken. I'm a chicken and wouldn't have got even that close.

Lady Penelope said...

hi there,
maybe the poor Badger wasn't ready for his camera shoot?...make up not right!!
thanks for sharing that gorgeous picture of mother and faun...and of course, Molly, I have a Border Collie, always into everything...because that's what life is all about, (isn't it Bess?), checking things out, you never know what you'll find!!

Anonymous said...

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