July 12, 2014

Here are some critter pictures from the past week or so.  If you look closely at the first one you can see just what I saw as we were driving along.  See that dark spot up on the left side of the road?  At first I thought it could be a raccoon or a porcupine.   Jim slowed down, I started taking pictures.
Then the little guy moved and we could see there was another little black thing in the blueberry guessed it.  Two little bear cubs.  Mom was probably close by, but by the time we got up to that spot, they were long gone.  Here's the next picture that's been cropped.  It's hard to get good pictures of bears because they usually run as soon as they see you coming.  I'm sure you all know if you click on the picture, you'll get a bigger and better image.
Okay so moving right along, we're still seeing fawns with their moms and lots of other deer hanging out near the road.  

The little deer that calls our place home is still hanging around too.  We never know where we'll see him resting or just hanging out.  It's amazing how close Jim gets to him before he runs off. 
Several of our neighbors have (had) chickens and they don't like seeing foxes at all!  Apparently they patrol the road looking for chickens, frogs or whatever else crosses its path.  The first picture is one I took from the cabin.  The second one was from the road and it looks like she's thirsty and on her way to the bar!  LOL
 I'm pretty sure these are two different foxes.  I think the first one is a gray fox and the second is a red fox.

This is kinda sad to see.  Two adult geese with only one little one.  I bet that will be one spoiled rotten goose!  
Ha ha.

This bird is a woodcock or aka a timberdoodle.  We occasionally see them, but usually it's when we're walking down a trail and they flush right before you step on it, scaring the crap out of me.  This one was by the edge of the road and it sounded like she had some little ones hidden in the grass while she was out picking up stone.
This morning when we were out for a walk, I saw this garter snake and it wouldn't stop moving.  I tried 3 times and could not get a picture with the whole thing in it!

And last but not least, this turtle was tooling down the road, its back still wet from the little creek that was near by.  

That's all for now.  
Next blog will be all about the beautiful wildflowers in bloom around here.


Peaceful said...

Loving the nature photos!