July 10, 2014

So far this summer has been a great year to garden.  It started off slow with such a cold, wet spring.  But with fingers crossed we decided to plant things and hope for sun, rain and heat.  Much to our surprise, almost everything is doing really well.  All except for our radishes.  Something came by and ate all the tops off the first planting and we assumed it was the deer.  So Jim replanted, put a fence over them and sure enough, something came by and ate those off too.  We really don't know what did it and no one that we've talked to has ever had problems with anything eating their radishes.  So, scratch radishes from our fresh produce this year.

Jim expanded our garden so now we plant in two different areas.  One gets full sun light from sunrise to sunset.  That really helps!  We've had cucumbers and zucchini for over a week.  No comparison to the taste of what you buy in the store.  Mmmm mmm good!
The broccoli is coming along as are the tomatoes.

He planted 4 different varieties of slicing tomatoes plus a couple different cherry tomatoes. We also have eggplant, fennel, cauliflower, two kinds of cabbage, kohlrabi and about 6 different herbs.   

This is the garden with everything planted in our version of raised beds.  Let me tell you, in this cooler part of the state, black tractor tires heat the soil up quickly.  They really, really work for our use.
This is just a pretty flower picture from a road trip we took to Ashland.

That's all for now.  Next time I'll be sharing critter pictures.  


Nancy said...

Radish greens eaters huh? I wonder what animal that was. Your garden looks great! Garden versus store is a big difference for sure.