August 28, 2013

Today I went up to Superior to check out their Downtown Farmers Market.  I really had no idea what to expect or what the prices would be like.  There was a nice variety of produce, but not too many sellers.  Some of the prices were a little high but most were very fair.  

FYI...the caramels were awesome and the tomatoes are very sweet.  The basil will be used in a salad I'll make tomorrow.  The tomatoes on the left are called Easter egg tomatoes (I think that's what theseller called them) and the ones on the right are called Juliette....not Roma's, but a Roma shaped cherry tomato.  A guy was walking around giving out shopping bags.  That's what's in the background of this picture.


CAROLDEE said...

Ahhhh farmer's those yellow tiny tomatoes..haven't had any this year at all.Everything in that place looks wonderful. Good shopping!