July 24, 2013

My new favorite thing

Last Saturday at the flea market I bought this cool stained glass candle holder. 

I got it home, cleaned it up and put a candle in it to see how it looked.  I really liked it, but the only problem with it is I'm not a big fan of candles.  Most are scented, which I don't care for, but the main reason is fire danger.  

So, on Sunday we were at Menards and I saw what's called a frameless candle.  Huh?  I thought and took a closer look at them.   I tried out the sample candle and thought this is perfect! 

It takes two AA batteries and has a neat automatic feature.  When you flip the switch to "timer", it will stay on for 5 hours and will start up again at the same time the next day and it does flicker just like a real candle.  The scent is so faint I can hardly smell it.  And if I have to have a scented one, vanilla is fine.

Cool huh?


Nancy said...

That is such a pretty candle holder. Now the real wax candle with led is new to me. That is nifty!

CAROLDEE said...

I love those candles they have so many new kinds and they are great for nightlights etc. Some come smaller too. Great!!The holder is beautiful a real find!! :-)