July 11, 2013

Not everyday do we see something like this parked along a dirt road. No idea what it is or who it belongs to or why it was parked there.


I finally saw a turtle cruising across our lawn.  I'm hoping it was on its way back to the pond after laying some eggs.

Not happy about the deer that decided to munch on our zucchini and eggplants last night.  Yesterday there were three or four nice little zucchinis and now they're all gone.  More fencing has been added.

And a final picture from Lake St. Croix this morning.  It was very calm and very nice.


Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Darn deer.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Those darn Deer, They seem to know whats good. You will have to put a cover on that planter.

CAROLDEE said...

Doo know your frustrations over the deer or critters eating up your lovely plants. We didn't plant anything this year..just not worth it even with fencing.