More Storm Pictures

We’ve been driving around like others, to gawk at all the damage from last week’s storm.  It’s amazing to me that there wasn’t more property damage or deaths.  Much of the land around us is County Forest.  They do selective logging and it’s sad to see the trees they left are now up rooted or snapped off.  There are lots of trees twisted or bent over like this.  P1120173Some are snapped off like this, P1120189or this.  P1120192Lots of pines that were destined to be power poles are leaning to the east. P1120196P1120195And then the smaller oaks that were left to grow into big mighty oaks were up rooted.  Sad to see, but trees will regrow.  The wood will be used for pulp and for firewood to heat homes this winter and probably next winter too.   P1120200P1120197

We heard the park along the St. Croix River was hit really bad.  Well, it was.  This was a beautiful spot with lots of big old red and white pine all around it.  Now it looks like a… well, like a tornado went through it.  P1120213I made a video as Jim was driving through the park.  He drove a little fast towards the end, so it’s not too clear, but if you’d like a 360° view, here it is. 
360° view of park

But the damage wasn’t everywhere.  We drove by this pretty little lake today and stopped so Molly could take a dip and get a drink.  There were fish by the shore and loons on the water, probably looking for fish!P1120205P1120206P1120208


texwisgirl said...

wow, that's a lot of damage. nice to see the loons at the end. :)

Elaine said...

That's horrible! Looks like a tornado or flat line winds just ripped through there. So glad your cabin wasn't in the line of the worst damage.

Beth said...

The damage is devastating. I am so glad your cabin was spared.

Nancy said...

Oh that is terrible. Just glad you guys are safe.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

That's too bad. Such damage. Love the video.