Last Blog for Awhile

Closing up shop here for awhile.  I just can't get into this anymore, but possibly when we get back to the northland.  So in the meantime, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines Day and A Happy St Patrick's Day too!  See ya in the spring...maybe!


CAROLDEE said...

Will miss you on the blog trail..I do know what you mean though.. I have found it hard to blog all the time..just no visitors and no interest any more. It is sad times for sure for the bloggers. Have a great holiday season.. Merry Christmas to you Jim and Molly.

MissBeth said...

my blogging tends to come in moods too, or when time permits after chasing a toddler, if I am not exhausted lol, hope to see you back soon !!!!

Lady Penelope said...

It seems I've come at a bad time, Cindy, I've been very lax blogging wise. I had almost a year away, at first I missed it, then there was relief as I caught my breath and relaxed, so I just let things lie, 'til I felt 'right' and here I am. Blogging if and when I want to (mainly on Wordpress) hugs to you, and take your R & R and return if and when you want/need to. xPenx

JennyD said...

Cindy, you KNOW I am happy to see you and will look for the pics of your next trip, but oh gosh, so much has happened on your end. Great news that you're healing so well with your hip, but the news about your brother, Bruce, and that sweetheart Molly, was just so sad -- the tears and missing are on our side; they are at peace. Doesn't stop the sadness, though, I know. You know, I remember when you were around when my mom passed away in 2009 and even 5 friends at that time and you certainly sent sympathy to me, and now, much as I hate that it happened to you, I send my very heartfelt sympathy. I think there's a part of us that thinks we'll all live forever. Sometimes I even wish that were true, but then again...there's the hips, the knees, the backs...oh lordy. But know that we're here and sure glad to see you.
I'm heading for the knee surgery tomorrow morning, but when I can get myself into the desk again to type, I'll check on you, promise.
Big hug sent to you,