November 29, 2013

Went to the Amish store today. Got oatmeal, coffee, sunbutter, dried cranberries, split peas, pickled beets, brown sugar and other stuff. After a little driving around we ended up having lunch in Beaver Dam. A pretty nice Black Friday.

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JennyD said...

Well, doggone it, Cindy. I just came BACK after 3 years and you're gone. If that doesn't beat all. Well, maybe you'll be like me and start missing it all and jump back in with both feet. Hope so; always enjoyed you so much.

I'm headed for knee surgery in 2 days and will probably be a bit laid up for a while, but I will definitely be blogging again when I can sit long enough. In 2 days, I've done 2 blogs, so it's a start. It's a cinch I won't be gone for 3 yrs this time, haha.

Hope to see you again :D
xoxoo JennyD