See My Background?

What you see is what we’re getting.  Lucky us and many other folks around the Midwest that are in for a serious winter storm.  Nothing we can do to stop it so I’m keeping busy doing the indoor things I’ve been doing since early December.

I’m still on my pincushion kick, but I’ve decided I don’t have to make one-a-day.  I’ve been to all the craft stores around here looking for some dusty rose colored felt and do you think I can find any?  Hate it when a company discontinues making something like that.  I did find some really nice tan felt that will become my next favorite color.

The other day I got a craving for bran muffins.  I know that sounds strange, but I just wanted that taste.  This morning I made a batch from this recipe and I’ve gotta say, they’re really, really good!  It makes a huge batch, so I froze half of them for whenI have another bran muffin craving.  I’ve had other urges to bake, but restrained myself, because if I bake it, I also eat it and that’s not a good thing.

Jim’s been nursing a sore knee.  In fact it was so bad he went to see his doctor last week.  He had x-rays, an MRI and now he’s supposed to see an Ortho specialist on Wednesday.  With all the snow that’s coming, I’ve got a feeling that appointment will be rescheduled.  At least it’s not getting worse.  Today he doesn’t have hardly any pain, but it doesn’t take much for it to flare up again.

So with his bad knee, it’s put a damper on taking our little trips and getting out and about.  We did take another trip back to the Amish store.  There’s something about that place that I really like and apparently I’m not the only one.  We were there last Saturday and the place was packed with shoppers.  Only one buggy in the parking lot though.  The Amish must do their shopping during the week.
photo (2)
I love the way they stack the corn stalks out in the fields.  P1090562
Our computer was making lots of noise so I took it in last week.  I really think the PC guy goofed up when he figured my bill.  He replaced the noisy fan, the USB ports on the front, added new software so the DVD player worked and did a few other things.  There’s a minimum charge of $40 to look at it and my whole bill was only $55.  I didn’t want to question the man, so I just paid and took my quiet PC back home.

About the only wildlife we’ve seen around this neck of the woods are turkeys.  Wow, there’s really a lot of turkeys now.  This gang was walking on the road as we approached.  They just walked to the top of the hill and finally took a left and headed into the pines, but they were in no hurry.P1090555Not much else going on in my little world.  It’s just one day at a time, looking forward to seeing the Packers and Steelers in the Super Bowl and trying to ignore winter, which is getting harder and harder to do.


Beth said...

Winter this year has been one for the record books, and it is not done breaking records. I will be so glad to see green grass and feel warm sunshine.

Toodie said...

I'm baking, and I will eat! Sorry to hear about Jim's knee. I hope they can guess what's wrong. Maybe bursitis. Hubby's knees are fine was a symptom of heart trouble. How about that? Love the photo of the turkeys leading the way. All I could think of was ah turkey dinner! Maybe pink felt online shopping? Shipping is getting ridiculous eh? Keep hunkered down and warm!

Sherry said...

I need to find out where the closest Amish store is near us. I'm sure there's one somewhere. Hope you find the felt you want. I love dusty rose, it's so pretty and doesn't make sense they won't make it anymore.
Not snowing here yet. Had some this morning but then it stopped and so far nothing. Hope it takes a right and goes south hehe.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Nice background, but I can look outside and see it too. LOL I do the same when baking so don't do much either. Jack likes to bake and he eats most of it. But then he never gains a pound no matter what he eats, grrrrrrr. Now that's what I call a lot of turkeys.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Cindy, You should post the recipe of those Muffins. I like muffins and I would love to try yours.

GreatGranny said...

I think we may get a little of that snow down South in Dixie..
Sorry about Jim's knee. Muffins sound so good right now.
That's a lotta good eatin' walking up the hill.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Found the muffins.

JennyD said...

Hey! Good to see you, Cindy! Very sorry to hear Jim's knee is hurting him. I hope it ends up being a passing thing and not something worse. I've had 2 friends in the last 2 months get knee replacements. Thank goodness there's a good surgery for that these days. I'd like an entire body replacement myself.
Love the turkeys trotting down the road. Looks like a real family out for a nice walk, doesn't it.
Here's hoping you don't get hit with the full brunt of that storm coming. I think we'll all be glad when Spring is around the corner.
See you soon :D