Home Again

Well, it’s been about a week since I’ve updated this so I guess it’s about time to fill you in on what we’ve been doing since we got back home.   It turned out to be a very good thing that we came home 6 days earlier than originally planned. 

When we got home last Wednesday, Jim went down in the basement to turn the water heater up and do the other things he does down there.  Near the bottom of the stairs, he noticed one of his Coleman lanterns was knocked off a table and the glass globe was shattered.  Hmmm…he thought, that’s weird.  Then he went into a room he uses to store our bird seed and discovered a bunch of sunflower seeds on the floor and on top of other things.  Okay, so he keeps looking around trying to figure what was/is down there and finds droppings here and there.  Bigger than mouse size droppings, but what the heck is it?  OMG, not a rat he hopes. 

Time for an emergency trip to Walmart for traps and sticky pads.  Now back to the basement and he sets up a trap area.  Seeds in the corner, surrounded by sticky pads.  By this time, he’s convinced it’s a squirrel, because he can hear it moving and making little squirrel noises up in the ceiling panels.   By now it’s getting evening and he figures little ol’ squirrel will be getting hungry and will get trapped on it’s way to the seeds.  He’ll check it in the morning.

Morning comes and squirrel is still up in the ceiling panels.  I’m not liking this at all, so I decide to Google it to see how to get this critter out of our house.  Seems this is a fairly common problem with an easy solution.  Open a window so the little guy can get the heck out of your house.  So that’s what we did.  We left the window open while we went off to have a great Thanksgiving day with my relatives.  When we returned we were very thankful to find our house squirrel-less.  In the meantime, Jim searched high and low trying to figure out how it got in.  Well, it chewed it’s way in through the wiring/piping for the central air.  It must have gotten quite a shock in the process, because there were bare wires out there.  He’s taken care of this problem so they can’t try to become house guests again.

So that was our wildlife moment right here at home.  We still like squirrels, just not in our house.

Other than that and Thanksgiving, we’ve been busy getting back into the swing of the city, putting things away and getting the house restocked.  I had a great Black Friday at my Etsy shop, so I’ve been busy making more items for all those great Etsy buyers. 

I’m happy to be home again, especially when I look out the window and see grass and not snow.  You will notice my new theme here has quite the winter look.  I just couldn’t find anything I liked that I could use with 3 columns, so that’s why I went with this plain and simple winter look.

Hungry Hairy Woodpecker 


JennyD said...

Wow, what a story! Just think if it had been another week before you went home. That squirrel would have already made it to the main part of the house, opened the kitchen cupboards, taken out the pots and pans and proceeded to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner! The next sound we would have heard is your husband saying, "Who's been sleeping in my bed?" Lol, yeah, imaginations run wild without morning coffee.
I love this last photo of the little bird with the suet box. That would make a great greeting card; in face a lot of your photos would make wonderful cards.
Glad you're home and safe, Cindy; and I'm glad you like squirrels. Not too many of us squirrel lovers left, you know.
And love the snow background, too. Makes me ALMOST wish for some snow here. almost.

Beth said...

What a thing to come home to. I am glad Jim got that all figured out and the squirrel is back outdoors where he belongs.
The photoof the bird is great. Not wishing for any snow here.

penpusherpen said...

Glad the squirrel left and didn't set up residence. Can you imagine the tales it'll be telling?.. of the adventure it's had!! lol!!
and your Winter look is spot on, here in Britain we're covered in early snow, mind you I say early, whenever it arrives we always act like it's the first time we've seen it...Brrr...so cold.!!
Love the photo, makes me feel even colder... :-) as if that was possible!! lol!! xPenx

GreatGranny said...

I bet the squirrel was trying to find his way out. Who knows why they like to live your house. Glad you vacated him. I love the photo and your background makes me want snow, which I seldom see.

Toodie said...

That squirrel still entered after getting ah shock? Wow. Finding a seed paradise and wondering how to carry it out. Jim done good! Really like the photo. It snowed here today!!!!

Kimmy said...

Oh my! I'm glad you got him out before he did anymore damage. The power of Google! lol
Love your little woodpecker friend there Cindy.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

That was quite the adventure. Have had a squirrel in the house once a long time ago. Unfortunately they had to kill it to get it out.

I agree, you photo's would make great post and Christmas cards.

Elaine said...

Don't ya just hate coming home to stuff like this! I know we do. Thank god for google and finding easy methods to get rid of pesty critters. Chipmunks were driving us nuts eating all the bird seed back in the summer.

Love your picture..truly a great capture.

Sherry said...

Here he thought that he was set for the long winter ahead of him. Food galore and a nice warm basement to snuggle in on those cold winter nights.
Good thing Jim found those chewed wires before you had to turn the AC back on.