Didn’t Go Postal

Yesterday Molly and I came back home and left the Great White Hunter to fend for himself.  Tomorrow is the official start of deer hunting in Wisconsin.  It’s the one weekend I do not like being at the cabin.  I like coming back home and going to the Christmas craft shows and spending the day with my friend Connie.

Anyway, yesterday I stopped at the Post Office to pick up the mail that was being held and there with all the bills, catalogs and other junk mail was a Return to Sender package.  It was a set of pins for one of my Etsy buyers.  So I contacted her, told her what happened and asked for her correct address.  She answers back saying it happens all the time.  Her address and the one I used is 101 University Drive.  She said the Postal carriers try to deliver it to 1001 or 4001 University Drivem addresses that don’t even exist.  So to avoid the risk of this happening again, she gave me the address of her aunt & uncle in an entirely different state and asked me to send it there.

So I put the package in another envelope, with a new address label and go to the Post Office to mail it out again.  I told the whole story to the Postal lady, saying I didn’t think I should have to pay again, when my original package had a valid address on it.  She agreed and the USPS paid to resend my package.   Small victory for me!  

I guess I haven’t undated this since the big snow last Saturday.  Man, did it ever come down!  It started out as rain, then turned to slush and finally heavy snow that got pasted onto everything in it’s path.  Here’s before and after pictures of the pond.  Yeah, I know “it’s so pretty”!

This one has some frost on the edges and a thin layer of ice.


This one has lots of snow on everything, the layer of ice is gone, but there was still more snow coming.   Total for this storm was 6-8 inches.


Four days later the snow was still hanging.  Lots of branches broke from the weight of the snow.  Even whole trees snapped and fell onto the road.  It was a mess!


It was nice to see green grass when I got back home.


Beth said...

The snow is pretty, but I don't like to drive in it although ice is worse. I think it is supposed to be around 60 here on Sunday.

JennyD said...

I love the "look" of snow and ice, but I never drive in either. Ice needs no explanation but I was once in an awful snow/ice accident where I had to be cut out of the car -- and the darn car was only going 15mph, lol. Amazing how much speed a car can pick up without an accelerator. I say go to the store and buy up all the bread and milk, LOL.

JennyD said...

Cindy, the Water Wiggler is run by a battery, AA I think but could be wrong (my memory lapses from time to time)and it lasts about 3 months or more before you need to change it. I found mine on either Amazon or Ebay (another lapse). I bought 3 so my neighbors would have one, too. They're hooked now.
Oh, and on the Kindle: I am so happy to see there's someone else that has that gizmo. It's really nice. And so-called children's books? Well, kids loved them but the real undercurrent and meaning of all of those books was seriously adult. I'll have to read the Oz series. I felt that way about Alice in Wonderland and then Alice Through The Looking Glass. Very, very political stuff.
Last thing, back to the Wiggler. They are sold 2 ways. One is "plain" and the other has a ceramic top. Mine is the ceramic top as I felt it protected all the workings much better, and it did.

GreatGranny said...

I hope the snow and especialy the ice gives you no trouble. Snow and ice photos are so beautiful.

Toodie said...

I send much luck to the mighty hunter. Pretty snow up there. Should be a nice weekend here then cold cold winter again.
What battery wiggler is Jenny talking about? LOL, maybe I should not ask.

Kimmy said... the majority here, It's pretty to look at but I wouldn't want to drive in it either. You know how us southerners are! lol
Love the photo of Molly on the right beside the snow covered pumpkin!

Elaine said...

It is pretty, love the picture of Molly sitting in in next to the pumpkin. Don't even want to think about driving in snow, especially now that I'm working 2nd shift.

MissBeth said...

i know you all up in the great north dont care for all the snow, however for us in the south all i can say is,,,,beautiful pic, so pretty !!
I am surprised that they didnt charge you again for the package, nice to hear that they will except some accountability once in awhile.