July 7, 2014

Pictures from Plymouth, Boston, Albany and Cooperstown
I'll try not to bore you with too many pictures, but no guarantee.
At Plymouth, Mass

Plymouth Rock, Mayflower II and the National Monument to the Forefathers, which was a very impressive statue.
I loved what I saw in Boston.  So much history there, wish we had more time to explore the city.
Old Ironsides, the USS Constitution

The Granary Burying Ground on the Freedom Trail.  Graves of Ben Franklin and Paul Revere.

 Any trip to Boston has to include a stop at Cheers...where everyone knows your name.
Of course this is just the building used in the opening of each show.
Our final stop in Boston was at Quincy Market.  Lots of food vendors and shopping kiosks.
Next stop was Rockefeller Plaza in Albany, NY the state capital.  

These two monuments have been added since I was here in 2012.  The kingfisher seemed so out of place, but he sat there like he was ready to snag a frog out of a pond.

The next morning we were on our way to Cooperstown.  If you're ever in that neck of the woods, I suggest stopping at the Baseball Hall of Fame. It's a beautiful drive through the rolling hills of New York, Cooperstown is a charming little town and the Hall of Fame is very well done, lots of history and wonderful displays of baseball memorabilia.

This was a theater that looked like you were at a ball park.
 This caught my eye, because my brother lived in Baraboo.
 Each MLB team had a display with their uniform and other if they had won a World Series, which sadly our Milwaukee Brewers have not.
 There was a area with bronze plaques of all the inductees of the Hall of Fame.  Here's a favorite Milwaukee Brewer, Robin Yount.

Well, that about covers my latest trip.  It was a great time, with awesome weather and the best seafood I've ever had.  I didn't want to include too many pictures of the food, for fear that the food police that lurks this blog might report me. Oh what the hell, here's a picture of the best chocolate dessert I've ever had.  Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake.  I didn't know what the layers were until I started to eat it.  
Food Police, please don't report me!
That's all for now.  Next post will be northern critters again.


Nancy said...

Wonderful photos. Very interesting and never boring. So glad you had fun.