June 12, 2013

We got back to the cabin yesterday only to find our Internet was out.  I called, went through the normal rigamaroll and they finally decided to send out a repairman.  Come to find out the wiring etc. for our DSL is getting old and occasionally needs to be reset.  So if anyone missed me, that's why. 

On Sunday we had a great time at my nieces graduation party on the Wisconsin River.  All week the  forecast showed a chance of rain but luckily it held off until about the last half hour on the river.  It was a gentle rain and as far as I know, no one melted. 

Last night our neighbor called saying a bear family was heading our way.  I got my camera ready and went from window to window looking for them.  Jim spotted them coming up the path near the cabin.  I learned to never take pictures through a screen, as you can tell from this picture. 

But then they came around in front and checked out the feeders.

Junior trying to be just like mom.

They cruised through here again this morning and left as quickly as they appeared.

I love seeing bears and this is the first time we've seen little cubs around here.  Hopefully they'll find some good natural food soon so they don't become pests.


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