March 9, 2013

Google recently add a new app for smart phones called Field Trip.  I thought it sounded interesting and downloaded it.  From your current location it shows various historic sites, businesses and other points of interest.  The first thing that appeared from my location was called Elvis Presley Fight Scene.  Well I'd never heard of this and couldn't believe it when I saw the marker was about a half mile from our house.  It's a place we've gone by thousands of times and I never knew anything about it or noticed the monument until yesterday...but of course I was looking for it.

Inscription. On this site, the corner of Hwy 51 and East Washington Avenue around 1 am, on June 24th, 1977, Elvis Presley was riding in the 2nd of two limousines which had stopped for a red light. He was coming from a concert in Des Moines and had just arrived in Madison. Elvis noticed a young teen on the ground being beaten by two other youths here at the former Skyland Service Station. Elvis jumped out of his limo and moved quickly to the fight scene. They admitted later that they knew it was the legendary Elvis Presley who was standing in front of them in his classic karate stance saying "I'll take you on". After a few classic karate moves by Elvis, the youths recognized him, stood and shook hands, and promised to stop fighting. Elvis asked "Is everything settled now"? Elvis was on his way to the Sheraton and his last Madison appearance. He died 52 days later, on August 16th, 1977.


CAROLDEE said...

AMAZING..and to think no one really knew about that particular least the public that is. Neat!