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April 30, 2012

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April 29, 2012

Some sun, some cloud but all in all, a nice day in the Northland.
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April 28, 2012

Nice day even though it's a little cool, ramps and a blue ribbon quilt that was at the local craft and quilt show.
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Friday April 27, 2012

Signs of spring, a trip to the organic store and a Friday night brewski.
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Collage Blog Part II

A cool, cloudy and windy morning turned into a sunny afternoon.

Collage blogs

This is what I'll be posting to this blog most of the time. I've been making a collage a day since February and will share them here starting today. I've been very bad about visiting and commenting to other bloggers and I don't expect anyone to feel obligated to comment here.

Most of my collages contain six pictures from various things I've seen or done that day. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy these. Cindy