December 22, 2012

I finally caved in and bought some Christmas cookies and they're really good! It's still hard to do a decent walk. Neighborhood sidewalks are snow covered and icy. The shoveler on this sidewalk must've got pooped out and quit!


CAROLDEE said...

Sis..I bought A COOKIE from a BAKERY and it cost me 75 cents for ONE!! Ahhh but it was tasty...Didn't bake any this year and that is a FIRST for me.No snow here but not many really shovel and follow the rules of clean sidewalks here.. I find myself walking in the street mostly..way up against the CURB..Your temps are colder than here..hope it warms up a little. Enjoy your white Christmas! You and Jim and Molly have a great Christmas!! ((((HUGS))))