No, I’m not talking about Facebook, I’m talking about all the changes around here.  It seemed like it happened over night.  The deer lost their pretty red coats and are now wearing their winter coats.  The fawns have lost their spots too.

Aug 30-35

Sept 14 Little Doe with Spottie and Dottie-1

The summer birds are all gone and now the tough winter birds have taken over the feeders.  Blue jays, chickadees, nuthatches, downy and hairy woodpeckers and an occasional goldfinch.

Our menu has changed from summer salads and meat cooked on the grill to soups, chili and all the other great comfort foods I cook when it starts to get cool.  And cool it has been!  We had a couple killing frosts and that took care of the pesky mosquitoes, gnats and flies.  DSCN1150

The landscape has gone from green to shades of yellow, orange, red and brown.  Oh yeah, it’s fall and I’m lovin it!DSCN1195

Many more colorful fall pictures will be coming next week.  The leaves are changing really fast and it’s just gorgeous out there!


TexWisGirl said...

wow. you guys really stick to the calendar. when it says fall, you get fall! :)

Horst in Edmonton said...

I really love the fall colors of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. Look forward to seeing your beautiful photos. I love the stealth Cam you have I may get one since we have a Cabelas store here in Edmonton now.

Beth said...

Gorgeous photos. The deer are awesome and the fall scenery is so beautiful.

Your new camera takes really good pictures.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

The trees are starting to turn down here too. Big Hills are coloring nicely. The pictures are a great timeline of nature.

Peaceful said...

Yippy!! :D
I haven't had a potato or onion in a year, can't wait to make stew!

Nancy said...

The fawns are growing up and your scenery is beautiful! Can't wait to see more and the winter birds too.

Sherry said...

We are planning on a little road trip next week in hopes of seeing some pretty colorful scenery. I love waterfalls and fall colors, they make for awesome pics. Love fall but hate what follows lol

MissBeth said...

i always love seeing all your photos. would love to see deer like that in my back yard !!