Moving the Cam

We’ve been getting pictures of the same deer and the same raccoons around here, so we decided to take one of our trail cams and try it out on some of the roads we walk on.  We picked spots where we see tracks of other animals.  Mainly deer, wolves and bobcats.  So far we’ve been happy with the pictures.

Night and day pictures of wolves.Aug 11-16August 12-3A bobcat and another wolf at a different spot.


SUNP0057And from yet another location, a small bear (not the best picture) and two different bucks.SUNP0016

SUNP0008Look at the strange set of antlers on this one.

SUNP0056At the cabin, it’s always nice to see the little doe and her fawns come by.  The dots are slowly fading away on little Spottie and Dottie.

PICT0036And it wouldn’t be right to leave out the raccoon family.  They don’t have names, because I don’t like them and wish they’d find another place to hang out.



TexWisGirl said...

wow. you've got a great assortment of wildlife i don't see here (we have coyotes instead of wolves, and plenty of raccoons too.)

Nancy said...

Those are some great shots! That poor buck must get some teasing eh? How cool to set the cam near the road. Maybe you'll get a photo of an alien... ya never know. lol

Beth said...

WOW!! I never thought to biggify your cam photos before. They are awesome when biggified. Amazing how the eyes glow in the dark.

Tammy said...

You have so much wonderful wildlife there. The trail cam is a good tool to let you know who is stopping by, and when, so you know when and where to be in your blind.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

My nephew would have a fit if he managed to capture a bear or bobcat with his trail cam. We've heard a bobcat up in the woods behind the house but never seen one.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Great pictures. We don't get to see anything like that around here but racoons once in awhile. Have had to live trap a few and take them way out into the country.

Peaceful said...

Here kitty kitty :D
you are right,those antlers are weird! Fantastic photos and a great idea

That Janie Girl said...

WOW! I love the photos. Those are amazing!

Impressed. Impressed. Impressed.

Did I say I'm impressed?

CAROLDEE said...

Lots of critters..wondering if that bobcat comes near your place though. talk about scary..nice to know what roams the woods every night too. If you ever catch BIGFOOT you will be a rich woman!! LOL