Time for an Update

Like so much of the country, we’re “enjoying” winter with lots of snow, ice and cold.  Yesterday Molly and I took a walk around the neighborhood and the sidewalks were very treacherous.  The storm that came through over the weekend started out as rain, then turned to snow so now the sidewalks have a layer of ice under the snow.  It’s been too cold for salt to work so the sidewalks are a mess.  We could really use a couple “warm” days so the ice melts and the sidewalks clear.  Right now, it’s like walking on egg shells, being so careful not to slip and fall flat on your face. 

We needed to get out of town, so this morning we took a walk out in the country along this back road.  It was still pretty cold and I’ve got to say, it was really pretty seeing the heavy frost and snow on all the trees and branches.  P1090493


P1090490And on the signs too.  

P1090486I don’t have anything against snow.  I just wish it didn’t stay around so long. 

Other news…I had my annual mammogram, got my teeth cleaned and we put up the Christmas.   It’s a real skinny, cheapo, fake tree, but once you plug it in and get all the ornaments (aka balls…for you Toodie) on it, it’s really quite pretty.  We went shopping, picked up all the gift cards and got all the Christmas cards mailed out.  I’m not going to bake any cookies, but will make a batch of Spicy Nuts to give to my old buddy Moose and his wife Laurie.  So all in all, I’m about ready for Christmas…not that I really had that much to do. 

This morning Jim decided he wanted to make a pan of jalapeño cornbread to go along with the pot of chili he’s going to make for supper.  I googled a recipe for him, gathered up all the ingredients and bowls and left him alone.  After awhile I went to check to see how things were going.  Well, he had a real confused look on his face and said, “I think I screwed up.”  Okay, what did you do?  He got the baking powder (2 tsp) mixed up with the baking soda (1/2 tsp) and asked if it mattered.  Oh yeah, it matters.  We tossed it out and he started over.  At least he hadn’t mixed in the eggs, milk and oil yet.  We sampled the finished product and it was really good.  So if you’re hungry for chili and corn bread, come on over around supper time for some good eats.


GreatGranny said...

Oh my, that's a winning combination, chili and cornbread.

JennyD said...

Man, oh man, you have my mouth watering now. Jalapeno cornbread is sooo darn good! And Cindy, the photos are great. I enlarged all of them and they are very beautiful. I love when the snow and ice is on everything, too, especially when ice encapsulates the little twigs and branches. The glint and glimmer is such an ahhhh moment. Now, back to the food, yummmm on those Spiced Nuts -- but don't you know the first thing that popped into my mind was Toodie, hahahahaha. She's has taken me right down to the gutter -- well, I can try and blame her, right?

Beth said...

I love chili and cornbread but hold the jalepenos. They do not like me.
The snow scenes are Christmas card pretty.

Toodie said...

Yes the snow does wear out the welcome. Love the photos. I will blame my calling ornaments balls from my childhood they also are called kugels-glass balls. Ya well Jenny, hey you can't blame ME awe no...LOL!!!
It is so cold and now I must post something on my blog ;-)
Keep warm! I made chili for supper tonight btw! We must be on the same channel eh?

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Well now I've had cornbread and chili but not with jalepenos. Don't like them in chili so I doubt I would in cornbread, though I would taste it. Hey, you never know what you may like. The pictures are beautiful. I'm already tired of the snow and ice.

Sherry said...

The snow and frost does make for pretty scenery but I'm with you. A day of it is long enough. Remember a few years ago we would blog on how much we enjoyed winter and how pretty it was? What were we thinking lol.