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Day Trippin’

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a road trip over to western Wisconsin.  We always have one specific destination and yesterday it was a stop at Straka Meats for some of their specialties.  After that, we took the first road to the right and saw some great scenery and some unusual sites as well.  First was this nice new log house.  P1090657 What caught my eye was the way they left the base of the trees on the supporting logs on the porch.  Neat huh?  This place had quite a menagerie of farm critters…donkey, chickens and a llama or two.  It was called the No Profit Farm.  LOL
P1090658A little ways further down the same road we saw this beautiful animal in a pen with a couple other elk.
P1090664  P1090666Okay, don’t know what’s going on here, but they must be raising their own “wild” animals.  Along the same road we saw a bunch of turkeys.  First there was 3 hens that crossed in front of us.  Seeing how it’s spring and being a former turkey hunter, I figured there had to be some toms around too.  Sure enough on the other side of the road there were 6 or 8 of them strutting around with their feathers all fanned out.  Of course they scurried off before I could get a picture of them.

We ended up in Richland Center, stopped at a couple antique stores and had lunch.  We decided it was too nice of a day to hurry back home.  As we left town, we took the a left turn and went back into the rolling farmland.  We saw signs along the road for a shrine and decided to go check it out.  Turns out we’d been there one other time, but yesterday was a much nicer day.  The little shrine sits on top of a hill, in the middle of farm country and is called Our Lady of the Fields Shrine.  It’s one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve ever been to.  P1090674 P1090682Surprisingly the chapel was unlocked so anyone could enter.  Everything inside was beautiful with no signs of vandalism.  Simply (20)                            A couple views of the old cemetery.    P1090678 

Call me weird, but I really enjoy walking around old cemeteries like this one.  They’re so peaceful, so many big, beautiful trees and so much history told on the old gravestones. 

It was another nice day and another great road trip.

Tuesday 8 comments

First Cabin Trip of the Year

We arrived around 3:00 last Friday afternoon.  The driveway was clear and the snow wasn’t too deep.  There was a serious layer of ice on the path down to the outhouse, but that was the only problem we had.P1090598When we left last November, we knew we were going to buy a new shower shelter because the zipper on the front broke beyond repair.  We left it standing, just to see if it could survive a northern Wisconsin winter.  As you can see, it came through with flying colors.  Considering how much snow, wind, rain and ice there was, this is very impressive.
P1090599On Saturday morning we loaded up our water jugs and went to the little park to fill them up.  As we pulled in, I could see two white things out on the ice.  At first I thought it was snow and then I realized there were two swans sitting on the ice. 
P1090601As I was standing on the shore taking their pictures, a couple of ice fisherman started walking out to their favorite fishing hole (literally!). 
P1090607The swans didn’t like this at all!  They started walking around, flapping their wings and making all kinds of noise.
P1090609Eventually the fishermen got to their fishing holes and the swans quieted down.
P1090614  P1090613We filled up our jugs and headed back to the cabin with a trunk load of water.
photo (20) Saturday was a beautiful day, somewhat warm with lots of sun.  We filled up the birdfeeders and put a little corn down for the squirrels and deer.  It was really nice to see these two appear during the day.
P1090630Things looked good out by the beaver lodge.  We saw 2 beavers out on the ice on Saturday night.  They’re going to have some major repairs to do on the dam when the ice melts.  The water is going through in a new spot.  Just hope the dam holds.  Fingers crossed for our sake and the beavers.
photo (20)-1

Sunday was an icky, cloudy, drizzly, hang around the cabin kind of day.  On Monday morning  I turned on the TV and this is what the weather guy was showing.  Are you kidding me?  Okay, so now they’re talking blizzard warnings starting on Tuesday morning.  No way!  The snow was bad enough, but the cold weather following it was the clincher.  We decided to come back home.stormBut it was a nice weekend and as soon as the weather straightens out, we’ll be back.  We left the trail cam up so we’ll be able to see what comes by and how much snow fell and all that good stuff. 

Wednesday 9 comments

Change of Scenery

I've gotten rid of the snowy background and now I'm back to using this template. The view out my window has changed some since the last time I posted here. Yesterday was sunny and it got up to 41 springy degrees. But this morning is really cold again and instead of seeing snow, I'm looking at a lot of shiny ice on top of the lawn. Why can't winter just go away?

We're both looking forward to getting back up north to the cabin again. We've thought about taking trips, but each time the weather goes crazy and it's either too cold or another storm is heading our way. One of these days it's going to happen and I can't wait.

I bought this little solar plant at the Dollar Store to help brighten my spirits.  It does a happy dance when it gets light.  All day long, the flower goes back and forth and the leaves go up and down.  Oddly, it's not annoying at all.